31 Days of Enjoying the Everyday Life: Sports

My strategy for #Write31Days is to wait and see what stands out to me that day for my theme of enjoying the everyday life. Of course, this morning almost as soon as I got out of bed I began to worry. I began to worry that I wouldn’t find something or that it would seem silly. I worried that I would never find enough ordinary things to celebrate to fill a whole month of posts. However, I began to notice a trend as the day went on. My perspective changed dramatically. I found myself looking at the small moments closer and searching for and seeing the beauty in these moments.

So today we started the week like most weeks. The scheduled was chock full of activities and places to be. We do limit the amount of activities our kids can participate in, but when you multiply activities by three, you are busy. We try to keep a careful balance, but sometimes weekdays are exhausting. However, sports are something all my kids love and enjoy working hard at. So we do all we can to encourage them.

So today, instead of bemoaning the fact that our schedule is so full, I decided to focus on the beauty of sports. The joy and determination on the kids’ faces as they strive to do their best; the life lessons they are learning from being part of a team; and the plain ol’ fun they have when they are playing.

We have been on teams that couldn’t stop winning and teams that just couldn’t win. From these ups and downs my children are learning valuable lessons. They have learned to be a good sport when they win and lose. They have learned how to be there for there teammates. They have learned to be encouragers and treat others with respect. They have learned responsibility and how to follow through with what you say you are going to do.

Big lessons from just an everyday event.

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