31 Days of Enjoying the Everyday Life: Weekend

What is a weekend? – Dowager Countess of Grantham

(Just one of the many great quotes from the Dowager Countess on Downton Abbey.)

Sometimes it feels that way. What is a weekend? Sometimes the weekend can feel like an extension of the work-week with a tight schedule, responsibilities to see to, and work to be done.

However, this weekend was not one of those weekends. This weekend there were ball games, dinner out with extended family, and a rainy Sunday afternoon perfect for naps and reading.

When I took up this challenge of writing and posting every day for 31 days, I was a little worried about being able to stick with it. And the rule-follower in me does still worry a little that I am not doing it exactly right. I am sometimes posting two days at once and not posting other days, but I am writing, and that is the main objective of this challenge. To get writers writing. So far, this challenge has helped me remember that I do love to write and has reminded me how much I want to write.

Another benefit I am experiencing from #Write31Days is really delving into my theme in real life. Like I said, we had an enjoyable, relaxing, and fun weekend. Last night, as my husband and I sat next to each other on the couch, our feet propped up on the ottoman, listening to music and watching college football, the idea for this post came to me. I could have interrupted my actual enjoying the everyday life to write about enjoying my everyday life to follow the “rules,” but I did not. And I am glad. It seems like we as a society have so much trouble being present “in real life” moments now-a-days. It is a practice I would like to reverse.

This challenge is helping me do that. Even though I am writing about it online and interacting with other writers online, I am finding myself more focused on searching out the good in the everyday life right in front of me. More and more I find myself really enjoying the everyday life.

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Title photo by Nicole Harrington on Unsplash.

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