Are You Living Your Faith Intentionally?

I am a word person. As a reader, writer, and English teacher, I love words, and finding the perfect word for a sentence or a situation makes me happy.

When I was taking classes in education, the importance of intentional teaching was the main theme. Intentional teaching means being mindful and purposeful. It means having a plan to reach a certain goal, but also being aware of when the plan needs adjustment. The word intentional resonated with me, because intentionality, mindfulness, and purposefulness can all apply to many areas of our lives. I want to be an intentional mother and wife. I want to intentionally search out beauty. I want to be an intentional Christian, mindful and purposeful in my actions so they reflect the love of Christ.

Recently, as I was reading a devotion on living a Christian life, I was reminded of this intentionality. It seems as though we’re more intentional about showing we’re Christians and putting on our best faces when we’re with people we don’t know all that well. But what about those who know us best? Will they be swayed one way or the other by our actions?

When we’re around close friends and family, we can let loose and be ourselves. We can wear ratty sweats and t-shirts. We can get by without wearing makeup. It’s wonderful to have those types of relationships. There may be a slight difference between our public and private personas, but our morals, faith, and Christianity should not be different.

As I read more, I began to ask myself some questions. Would someone know I’m a Christian if they watched me at home? Have I let Christ into all parts of my life? Do I trust Jesus with everything?

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