Are You Prepared for Change?

I dislike change. I really do. I like everything to stay the same. I enjoy predictability.

Well, I used to dislike change and enjoy predictability. Lately, however, I have been feeling a strong urge to make a big change—what that change is, I don’t know. I have prayed about it, and I feel like the Lord is leading me to something, I just can’t see it clearly yet. I feel like there is a huge brick wall blocking my view, keeping whatever big thing the Lord has for me just out sight and out of reach. The word “move” keeps bouncing around in my mind, but with no clear direction. Move physically? Move mentally? What? All I know is there is something that I am supposed to do in faith, but every time I get close to identifying it, the door to understanding closes. So what am I supposed to do? Why can’t I figure out what to do when I clearly feel the direction to do something?

It has taken me months of frustration and prayer to realize that I am supposed to take this time to learn and prepare. I am not ready for the “big thing” yet.

I love to learn, so a learning time is a gift to me. If you are in the same place I am—frustrated, stuck, blocked—I want to encourage you to accept that you might be in a season of learning and growth. We all should be lifelong learners, no matter our season of life, and we should especially be lifelong learners in a spiritual sense.

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