Five Ways to Rekindle Your Resolutions

It has been 113 days since January 1. The day when all things become new and most of us resolve to change almost everything about ourselves. So, how are your New Year’s Resolutions going? Mine are going well, but only because I resolved not to have any resolutions this year.

However, even with my no-resolution resolution, in the back of my mind I had a list of things I wanted to improve. The main one was eating right and exercising. I thought I was being very wise by not making those resolutions because I really just needed to make a lifestyle change instead adding another checklist to my life. But without a set goal, life got in the way. Busyness, sickness, and laziness pushed my non-resolution resolutions to the bottom of my list.

If you are one of those rare individuals who made resolutions and stuck to them, congratulations! However, if your enthusiasm for your resolutions waned about February, welcome to the club. However, don’t feel defeated! You don’t have to wait until January 1 rolls around again to make a resolution! Start now! January is an awful time to start health and fitness related goals anyway. Spring time is a much better time to get in shape. First, the weather is wonderfully conducive for outdoor exercising and being more active. Second, fresh fruits and vegetables are readily available, which makes eating healthy so much easier.

As a person who is experienced in failed resolutions, I think I have finally found the route to success.

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