Following Where He Leads

I like predictability. I am a planner and a list-maker. I am not a huge fan of change. Funny how life doesn’t really follow these ideals. And while the Lord is 100% solid and dependable, walking in faith does not follow a predictable plan either.

I have had to restate my prayer of “Yes, Lord, I will follow you anywhere your lead” many times. I stopped reading Jennie Allen’s book, Anything, because the thought of saying “anything” to the Lord scared me.

I am a toes in the pool, wade in slowly type of girl. Except for this summer. This summer when I took the kids to the pool, often I would jump in the deep end right behind them. Now I don’t know if this was some sort of subconscious declaration to become more daring, or if I was just hot and didn’t want to wade through the crowd of kids at the steps, but I am going to go with the first reason. I want to become more daring.

Slowly, I am edging out of my shell. I am trying to become more open. I keep trying to talk myself out of writing/blogging: I don’t have time, Now is not the right time, I am not any good, No one cares what I say, People I know will read this . . . the list goes on and on.

However, I feel clearly called to keep writing and use my writing as a ministry. I know how it means so much to me when I hear another woman say, “Me too.” To know that I am not alone and/or crazy for feeling overwhelmed, nervous, let down, and tired, makes a huge difference. Ladies, we need to be there for each other. We can make a huge difference in people’s lives.


I have been a teacher for eight years now. It is my second career and one I really love. I keep moving up in the age group I teach. First it was elementary school. After a few years, I found myself teaching middle school, something I said I would never do, and I love it! This school year I will be teaching 7th, 8th, and 9th grade. I jumped in and taught an age I never wanted to and it has me considering teaching even older students.

In addition to sharing my writing, I have felt nudged to lead a Bible study. A ladies Bible study. That’s right, adults. Many teachers will tell you, being in front of a class of kids, teaching all day long is no problem, but put us in front of adults –no thank you. I am one of those teachers. Speaking in front of my peers is not high on my list of things to do. Right about the time I felt nudged, an opportunity came to lead the Come With Me Bible study online. (Thank you, Lord, for baby steps.)

Part of what holds me back in pursuing any of these callings is insecurity. How can I lead a Bible study? I am not an expert on the Bible! I don’t know all the answers! Same with writing. I don’t have all the answers, but I can share what I have experienced. I have come to realize that it is okay not to have all the answers in any avenue of life. As much as we would like to, we will never have all the answers. While it may frustrate us sometimes, it is a good thing! It will lead us to dig deeper in His Word and allows us to venture out in faith. So every day I am going to try to keep stepping out in faith and following where He leads.

Will you join me?

I would love to know how you are stepping out in faith and following where He leads. Leave a comment below and let’s all encourage one another!


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11 thoughts on “Following Where He Leads

  1. Great post, and I relate to so much of what you say here- the desire for order and predictability but wanting to be more daring and be willing to do anything for God. I read Jennie Allen’s book earlier this year too. Although it’s scary, I do love how God gradually calls us out of our comfort zones and into things we would never have expected, and that he can use us despite our feelings of inadequacy. Let’s keep stepping out in faith! #LiveFreeThursday

  2. I was a back row sitter for many years when I heard the Lord say, “it’s time for you to teach.” Probably the most scary thing I have ever done is say “yes.” But as it always is with the Lord, when you follow in obedience, He shows up to give you what you need. I can say that teaching Bible classes has been the most wonderful, life-giving thing I have ever done. Scary, yes, but it lead me to deeper places with Him and to know His presence in a mighty way. Bless you in your willingness to say Yes to anything.

  3. I love your blogs, and really any blogs of encouragement. I think a lot of times, we as Christians, moms, wives- are trying to do a certain one thing, when it seems like everyone else is going a different way. But I really believe there are “God things” He puts in our path for that renewed hope. So please keep writing 🙂

  4. I am so proud of you, Dana. I can relate to this post. I used to teach elementary school. Parent teacher night was much harder at first!

    God continues to ask me to follow him in such unexpected ways, almost always out of my comfort zone. I think He does this so that I won’t lean on my own strength.

  5. So, I’m a bit opposite: planners and lists give me the hives, but really? Totally get the insecurity. Writing has chased me for a long time and two other times I let it catch me and began writing and then quit because I let insecurity win. This time? The third time the tug to write became an unavoidable tug? Well, I might want to quit, but I’m pretty tired of insecurity winning. I’m figuring on God giving me opportunities to exercise that perseverance muscle and to grow in my trust of him and mostly, my dependence and security in him! Let’s link arms and kick insecurity to the curb (even while I’m clinging to it like a security blanket…) So. Don’t quit. Your words matter. You matter.

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