How to Avoid the Comparison Trap

Do you ever jump right into trying to achieve a goal you’re excited about, pouring everything you have into it? You’re met with obstacles, yet you continue to persevere. Then someone achieves the same goal before you do. It also looks as though they achieved it with minimal effort. You instantly feel deflated; the excitement and drive drain right out of you with a whoosh.

This has happened to all of us, and probably more than once. Sometimes it feels as though other people are knocking it out of the park left and right while we’re still swinging the bat.

When this happens to me, I just want to quit. I feel as if there is no point for me to work for this goal when so many people have already accomplished it. I mean, what difference am I going to make anyway?

I’ve recently been hit with several goal-related rejections, and I’m discouraged. It’s so tempting to say, “Forget it.” Negative thoughts are on repeat in my brain: It’s all been done. You will never succeed. You’re not good enough. So many others are better than you. You have nothing worthwhile to contribute.

It’s so easy to give in to this mindset. But let me tell you, following God’s path for your life will make a difference.

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