No More Littles

It hit me the other day that I am no longer the mom of littles.

I guess the fact that 2/3 of my children are taller than me, my oldest is driving and preparing for college, my middle child will be in high school next year, my youngest spends time with friends on her own should have clued me in.

But it was the posts (so many!) on Facebook of kids moving to college—some of them were kids I had taught in elementary school, some of them were kids I had watched in the nursery at church—these kids were moving away from home and moving on to a new phase in life. Many of these kids are friends with my oldest, who excitedly viewed all the posts with a big smile on her face because next year it is her turn.

That’s when it hit me. My husband and I aren’t the parents of little kids anymore. Our parenting journey is about to change, and it will be very different from what we have done before.

For so long I was a mom of little kids doing all the little kids things, now it seems, suddenly, I am the mom of all these big people. It is both exciting and a little terrifying.

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I am honored to contribute to the Bridging Transitions series on Empty Plate, Full Heart.

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