On My Bookshelf: More Than Just Making It by Erin Odom

Has your financial world ever crumbled? Have you watched helplessly as your financial stability slipped away right in front of your eyes? What do you do? How do you survive? How do you move forward? These are just a few of the questions Erin Odom addresses in her new book, More Than Just Making It.

Erin’s book is a very unique financial planning book as it is part advice/how-to and part memoir. Erin bravely and honestly chronicles her family’s struggles caused by the 2010 recession. This brave honesty and first-person perspective is what makes this book a great book.

I know many families who were adversely affected by the recession in 2010, mine included. It is so difficult when you have followed the “rules” to be wiped out by unforseen circumstances. I could closely identify with many of Erin’s feelings as her family struggled through barely making it. Even if you can’t fully identify with what Erin and her family went through, the struggle will have a familiarity. It seems most Americans are just barely making it, living paycheck to paycheck and that is all. We need to more than just make it.

That is what first drew me to Erin’s book, the title, More Than Just Making It. There is more to life than worrying about money, more than just getting by. Erin’s book is not focused on gaining material wealth, but on shifting our focus to what is truly important and managing what we have wisely. “What if our generation could live with less than the Joneses while reaching for a new American dream that leaves us fulfilled, less stressed, and reimagining ‘the good life’?” (More Than Just Making It).


Erin manages to seemlessly weave her story with practical advice for those struggling financially. Erin sheds light on the real truth of being a member of the “working poor” and it is truly eye-opening. The subtitle of the book says it all. This book is “Hope for the Heart of the Financially Frustrated.”

What if you are not financially frustrated? I still think you will benefit from reading Erin’s story. She beautifully shares the personal lessons her family learned and also offers practical advice for those in a similar spot in life. Another facet of the advice she offers is how we, as individuals and as the Church, can truly help those who are hurting financially.

I am thankful for Erin’s willingness to share her story and for being so open and honest about her family’s struggles. I can tell she wrote this book to help people and she wrote it from the heart. It is a message she believes in. Just check her social media this week, launch week. She is sharing ways to purchase her book at the lowest price and encouraging readers to check it out of the library so they can save money.

I wrote tons of notes while reading More Than Just Making It, and I plan to read it again soon! I want you to read it also, so I am hosting a giveway! Leave a comment on this post or on my Facebook post about More Than Just Making It by Thursday, September 14, 2017. I will randomly choose a winner to receive a copy of More Than Just Making It on Friday, September 15, 2017 (U.S. residents only).

For more information visit MoreThanJustMakingIt.com.

I was happy to be a member of the More Than Just Making It launch team. I was given a free copy of the book in exchange for promoting the book and writing an honest review. I also purchased a copy of the book. All opinions are my own.


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