Will You Accept the Christmas Gift of Jesus?

I am a last-minute Christmas shopper. Well, not exactly last minute, but I like to wait until late December. Sometimes being a last-minute shopper has been a necessity—that is, when the budget allowed for Christmas shopping. But even with a less-demanding budget, I still like to shop for Christmas presents close to Christmas Day. I want to fully embrace the season, and I just can’t do that with Halloween decorations and Christmas décor side by side. So usually you will find me on December 22 and 23 (and maybe the 24th) locked in my bedroom, surrounded by piles of presents and mounds of wrapping paper, a Christmas movie playing in the background, wrapping gifts.

While I enjoy and embrace all the trappings and traditions of Christmas, I still want to make sure, for myself and my family, that we never forget the true meaning of Christmas. My desire is to make Jesus more than the figure in the nativity scene on our mantel. The Christmas season can be both wonderful and magical as well as stressful and busy. Amid all the ways we can celebrate Christmas, sometimes Jesus can get lost in the shuffle. This can be true outside of the Christmas season as well. In a great sermon delivered by our youth pastor recently, he reminded us that we should start with Jesus at the beginning of every situation, every day. As we set aside time to celebrate the birth of Jesus, let’s also set aside some time to remember exactly what that means for all of us.

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